7 Summer Outdoor Date Ideas


You can bear the heat as long as you are with your other half, right?! Here are some of our favorite dates!

Happy Hour //

Find a place that has a rooftop bar and enjoy some cocktails together!

Pool Day //

This is our favorite type of date during the summer! We have a pool in our backyard and a pool at my dads, so we are constantly spending our days together at the pool!

Have a Picnic //

Pack a lunch with some cheese, crackers and some wine and head to your favorite park!

Ice Cream Date //

Trying to stay cool during those hot days, go to your favorite ice cream shop and enjoy! There really is no better way to cool off than enjoying some ice cream!

Food Truck Rodeo //

We have tons of these in Raleigh and we have only been to a few, but we love them! Timothy loves getting to try all the new foods!

Go to a Baseball Game //

We used to try to go to a few every season, but to be honest we haven’t this year. Timothy loves baseball and I love all the peanuts I can eat!

Go on a walk //

This might be best early in the AM or during the sunset! When Timothy and I were training for our hikes we did this a lot!

What do you do in the summer to keep cool and have dates?

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