Flamingo Themed Party

This week is all about flamingos! Last week I shared with y’all some ideas for a Pineapple Themed Party and today is all about Flamingos! Flamingos and pool parties just go hand and hand!
Before I start planning for any party I always buy the plates, napkins and cups first!
Target, $2.50
Etsy, $5.20
Napkins, majority of the time you want to continue the same theme with the napkins but you don’t always have to!
Etsy, $4.40
Etsy, $7.00
As for cups, I rarely ever buy paper themed cups for parties, in my opinion it is just a waste of money but if you want to continue the theme with cups go for it!
Etsy, $5.90
Etsy, $31.50
These are cups I would buy! They are good souvenirs for your guests to remember your party as well!
If you want to make sure everything matches, get a whole set together! This is usually the easiest and sometimes the more affordable way!
Amazon, $29.99
Now the fun part! This is usually the part I spend way too much money on..the decorations! They are just so fun!
Paper Straws, $12.99
Now that you have browsed this post you are ready to host your own flamingo party! Come back next week and I will have a round-up of some party ideas for a Pineapple themed party!

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