Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale | Tips for Shopping the Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale has been announced for September 10th – 12th and I am so excited!! If you have never shopped the Lilly Pulitzer APS sale you will definitely want to take a look at my tips I have for you below! If you have shopped the sale you know how important being ready for this sale is!


The sale is crazy. You will spend a lot of time waiting in a virtual line to get probably 2 things you actually wanted. The website will probably crash a few times and you will feel like giving up, but don’t! That $198 dress for $48 is going to be worth it! To help ease some of the tears while shopping the APS sale, listen to my advice below and things will go as smoothly as they possibly can.

set up an account prior to sale // nothing is worse than finally getting into the long virtual line, filling up your cart and then going to check out and realize you don’t have an account set up and you have to enter in your credit card, email, password all while items in your cart are being deleted. Go ahead and create an account early and enter in all your shipping and billing addresses as well as your credit card information; that way when it is time to check out it is just a few easy clicks and your packages are on their way to you!

sign in before you start shopping // since you have already listened to my first tip of creating an account before the sale starts, go ahead and sign into that account before you start adding anything into your account.

use multiple devices // since you will be waiting in a virtual line I would suggest using multiple devices so you can shop on all the devices and have a better chance of getting everything you want. Especially because once you check out you get put back at the end of the virtual line – so having multiple devices really help in that area.

checkout ASAP // since you will be using multiple devices, as soon as you see something you want check out to make sure you get that item. Everything is free shipping so you can check out as many times as you want and not have to pay for shipping. Items are going to go fast and if you get it in your cart you better pay fast.

add items in your cart ahead of time // although we won’t know what is in the sale until we actually get on the site that day it is still wise to go ahead and add some of your have to have items in your cart in the event they are in the sale. Right now I have about 20 items in my cart that are on my wish list, granted I won’t get all of them and some of them probably won’t even be in the sale but it is an easier way for me to go down the items I loved and see what is on the sale and what isn’t from the get go!

Are you planning on shopping the sale?

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