My Favorite Jeans for Fall

Did you know I went to a high school that didn’t allow us to wear jeans? We had special days, Jeans Day, that were usually on Fridays that we were allowed to wear Jeans but we had to pay $1. I went to a private high school and that was the normal, so in high school I really didn’t have a lot of jeans. But once, I hit college I think I wore jeans every where and still do. I love my jeans and for the longest time the only jeans I would wear were American Eagle jeans. I still have my favorite pair of AE jeans and still buy them often when they have sales, but I have also branched out a little bit and have found some other brands of jeans that I love.

When I look for a pair of jeans I look for fit, comfort and softness. If I am going to be wearing jeans out to dinner, I need to have some stretch when I eat a little too much! I have about 15 pairs of jeans, but I always seem to be reaching for the same few over and over. I can’t help it, when I find a good comfy pair of jeans I want to wear them every day!

We the Free by Free People Ripped High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

These are one of my new favorites! I love the look of the ripped knees and they are high waisted so they suck everything in!


Article of Society Heather High Waist Distressed Jeans

Another high waist distressed jean, do you see a pattern? When I first put these on I felt like I was wearing leggings! They are so soft and seriously one of the most comfortable pairs that I have tried on.

Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans

Now, these are my go to jeans that aren’t distressed. I love these so much, once fall hits I am wearing them all the time! They are a little thicker so I don’t reach for them in the summer. In my opinion they are one of the most flattering jeans I have ever worn, they just lift and tuck in all the right places!

Mid-Rise Raw-Edge Rockstar Ankle Jeans

Everyone needs a good pair of black distressed jeans, in fact I need to buy another pair of these because I wear them so much! I wore these on repeat last year and not a single sign of fading! These are so comfy and I can move around so much in these.

Now that you have seen my go to’s, what are some of your go to jeans?

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