Tips for Creating the Perfect Reception Playlist

I am going to start off blunt, the wedding music you pick for your special day will make or break how your guests remember your day. Yes, they may remember how delicious the food was or the special cocktails you served but when people look back at your day a few years down the road they will think about if the wedding had some awesome music that got them dancing or if they just weren’t feeling the music and sat at the tables the whole time.

We got married in 2015, so I am not currently creating the perfect playlist, but when we were planning our wedding I had created a playlist…but it never got used. #fail But nonetheless, tips for creating a playlist doesn’t change, so here are some of my tips for creating the perfect reception playlist and hopefully the one you create will get used!


Add more than you think you need //

You never want to come to the end of a playlist with 30 minutes left of your reception! Your reception is already going to fly by, so don’t let it end earlier than it should because you ran out of music!

Yes, you need slow songs //

Slow songs are really good to slow down the pace and give everyone that was on the dance floor to take a little break and fill up their wine glass. I have read on many sites that you should play a slow song every 5 fast songs. It seems like a lot, but after 5 fast songs I would gladly be welcoming a slow paced song!

Don’t keep with the same genre //

You are going to have guests that may not all like that country line dancing song, so be sure you are playing music that everyone can enjoy.

Keep it tasteful early on //

I would say keep the rap music for the later part of the night when Grandma and Grandpa have left and it is just the late night crowd left. You don’t want to offend any of your guests by playing any songs that may have inappropriate words or meaning in them, or cause your friends to dance inappropriately in front of your grandparents (true story: that happened to me, well it wasn’t a friend, it was a date of one of our groomsmen).

Get your guests involved //

After about 45 songs you are going to start just adding any song you see pop up and not even care, so when this stage comes stop and enlist the help of your friends and other guests. We had them request songs on their RSVP card and got a lot of good feedback! I did make sure my DJ used those songs!

And there you have it, some of my tips when creating a reception playlist! Hopefully this helps some of you! Any of you brides out there creating their own??

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