Why You Should Take Anniversary Photos

I love traditions, photos and love! So why wouldn’t I want to document each year of marriage with a little photo shoot? Timothy and I don’t show much PDA, so it is a little odd that we continue to take anniversary photos, but we love the photos and the memories that comes along with them.

Timothy and I got married in November 2015 and had our first anniversary photos taken in November 2016 and combined our anniversary and Christmas photos last year. We are now getting ready to celebrate year 3 of marriage and our photos are this week and I am so excited!

I think it is so important for couples to document each year of marriage.

Did you know on the day of our shoot for our first anniversary I left home with blond hair and came to the shoot with brown hair. That is something I don’t recommend, but luckily my best friend does my hair and she would not have let me do that if she didn’t think I would love it!

Some people may think we are a little bit ridiculous to take photos pre-baby, but why do we need to wait until we have a child to document our family? I know Timothy would prefer if we wait until we had a kid to take these yearly photos but he puts on a happy face and does these each year for me because he knows I love them. But, we also got lucky because our anniversary is so close to the Holidays they really double as our Christmas card pictures as well.

But, even if you don’t have that excuse you should still keep up with anniversary photos pre-baby and here are some reasons why!

one // in marriage you are always growing and changing, why not document it?

two // it is a special moment with your significant other to take some time away from life and to just reflect back on your life you have built together.

three // think about the future, in 15 years how fun will it be to look back on these photos!

four // it a reason to get all dressed up and have fun together – make it a date!

So, have I convinced you yet? I sure hope so! Let me know your thoughts on Anniversary sessions! Also, head over to the talented Tiffany’s website to see her blog post about our session 2 years ago!




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